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CICERI and TRIA (chickpeas and macaroni, ancient salentina recipes)


Measure for approximately 7/8 persons
Half kg of chickpeas
Oil, Pepper
This is an ancient and delicious recipes salentina.

The evening before cook put half kg of chickpeas in a pot with cold water and half spoon of salt.
The following morning wash chickpeas, and put them to cook in a pot with cold water, after to have them covered of water in order at least a finger and cook them to slow fire.
After approximately three quarters of hour add salt, a leaf of celery and a clove of garlic.
Cook it for approximately two hours, two hours and half.
The cooking times reduce a lot if you use the precooked chickpeas or still better the pressure cooker (in this case until to a third party).
If we note that the water level reduces until discovering chickpeas, we must put hot water leaving it a finger over the level of the chickpeas.
I use to make the macaroni, called in local jargon "sagna", only with water and flour, without eggs. If you want you can use a fresh macaroni, like noodles, preferably without eggs.
When chickpeas are almost cooked, take a cookware of them and minced them, then put it with other chickpeas and mix.
Take some raw noodles (10) and fry it in at least ten spoons of olive oil.
Cook remaining noodles until to half cooking, now take them, remove the water, and put in pot with chickpeas.
At the same time put in the same pot fried noodles and their oil.
Finish the cooking of the noodles and leave to rest for others 5 minutes, without remove the lid.
Everyone can put in our dish the pepper that appreciates.
Good appetite!

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