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Ingredients for 4 persons:

1 kg of eggplants
Salt, Milk, Yeast
Olive oil
Tomato Sauce
Half kg minced meat
Good Wine
Parmesan (cheese)

Make sauce so: to put oil in pot, the milled meat, salt, minced onion, and to make to cook to slow fire for approximately three quarters of hour. When the water is vaporized and the meat begins to brown add half glass of wine and make to cook for 3\4 minutes.
Then put the tomato sauce until covering for entire the meat and leaving to cook in order at least half hour.
To prepare the eggplants in the following way:
skin them, cut them in slice not much thick, spread on salt and put them in a colander with a weight over so that lose the water and sweeten a little.
After wash them and dry very well.
Now prepare batter in the following way:
In a bowl you put two flour glasses, a water glass, a milk glass, half teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of yeast. Knead everything.
In an other pot put oil in abundance, and when it is hot put the first slices your eggplants after to have them passages in the batter, and leave to cook them for 4/5 minutes. Is very important that oil is abundant and the slices that you put to cook are a few for time.
Once pulled eggplants outside the oil make them on absorbent paper.
Now you have the ready ingredients in order to begin to make your Parmesan.
In a nonstick pan put some tomato sauce, a good dredged of parmesan (cheese) over the sauce and then a first layer of fried eggplants.
Then a new layer of tomato sauce, parmesan (cheese), eggplants, and mozzarellas minced, and who wants can also add of the ham steak and hard boiled eggs. Then to proceed with an other layer following the same order and so. I council to not put the mozzarella on the last layer because to time in the oven it could be blackened.
Therefore put into an oven in the already hot to 180 degrees for approximately three quarters of hour.
Good appetite!

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