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1 kg of Tripe very cleaned
1 Leek
Tomato sauce
Herb-laurel, Rosemary, Juniper, Sage
Good Wine

In a pot prepare oil, minced leek, tripe cut in pieces, salt. Cook to slow fire. When it begins to end the sauce that it has come outside add half glass of a good wine and leave to consume it, increasing a little the fire.
In the meantime you have cooked to part the plants, (herb-laurel, rosemary, sage, and juniper) in hot oil for some minute. Put all, included the oil, in the pot with the tripe. After some minute add half kg of tomato sauces, mix everything with the tripe and cover all with hot water. Cook for two hours, less if use pressure cooker.
Prepare potatoes and cut them in pieces. Half hour before complete cook add potatoes with a handful of minced parsley.
Control cooking go for the best, having cure also to taste the sauce in order to verify that salt is in just measure. If you like you can add some pepper.
To make to consume sauce, if you note that there is too much sauce, you can increase fire and remove lid.
Good appetite!


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