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Ingredients for 4 persons
1, 5 kg of potatoes
Olive Oil (a very full spoon to person, like general rule)
1 red onion or a piece of leek
Capers, Olives without stone, Mozzarella (or if you don't have it a good cheese), Oregano

To boil potatoes, skin them and mash up them when they are still warm. In a pan put the oil, an abundant spoon to person, 1 red onion (is more delicate) or if you have it a piece of leek cuts to you in small pit, salt, and a little of water until covering the onion and leaving to cook to slow fire for approximately half hour.
After you add 5/6 tomatoes of the dimension of a large walnut, a sugar needle (the tip of a teaspoon from coffee), 2 teaspoons of capers, 20 black olives.
To cook all for others twenty of minutes.
After which filtered this sauce and with this knead potatoes, salt it.
If the knead is too much soft to help itself with flour until obtaining one just softness.

Now you take a nonstick pot that you will have to use in order put into an oven all, you cut in two parts the knead and put one on the inferior part of your pot.
Pour the sauce on the knead that we have put on the base of your pot.
On this knead you put one or more mozzarella already cut and squeezed to reduces the milk.
You close all with the other half of the knead, and spread whit a brush the surface with oil.
Put on the surface a little of oregano.
Put it in your furnace already turned on from at least 15 min. to 180 degrees and left to cook in order at least 40 minutes, when the surface make golden put off it.
To leave in order at least 10 minutes in your oven.
Good appetite!

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